Best Turntables for your home to play your favourite vinyls & records (2022)

Best choices for your home & wallet between €100 - €450.

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We are selecting for you the best products out of the most common shops to make your decision before the purchase as much convenient as possible. By doing such a fun work we earn money from affiliate links. Therefore in case we will help you with your choice we will appreciate using the links included in our post below.

In this article you will find the essence from all of our research. Obviously you might want to dive into the topics of automatic or manual torn arms, direct or belt drive ones, but we know you found us not to dive into those things, but to find a fun amateur turntable to play some records bought for some spare change during the last weekend at your nearby flea market. In case you would like to make a deep dive before your purchase, you can click on each product (picture or direct button) and access more detailed summary & user reviews at the respective shop sites, in order to mix those up with our most important to mention pros & cons. 

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Simply about Turntables

In order to bring life into any interior you need to also match it with the right sounds. Even if you have a country house full of sounds of nature or apartment in the middle of the noisy city, whether you are staying alone at Sunday afternoon to read that awesome fantasy book or organising a crazy Friday party for your friends, the right music that plays in the background is always the best ingredient to complete the overall experience you will live out.

Within the below selection you will find all pre-selected types of turntables in price between €100 – €450 on which you will be able to play high end orchestral concert, your favourite rock music from 70s (cheers Freddie!) or modern vinyl releases of your favourite bands. We have taken into consideration the interior design style factor into which specific vinyl player will fit perfectly. 

Lets drop the needle down to the plate!

From specs to look // €100 - €450 Turntables

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Audio Technica

Best Affordable


Modern Look

1 By One

Classic Speakers


Look Ma 70s!

Your Choice in Real Interiors

Check out the examples of how above turntables looks in a different interiors of people that already purchased it, which might get you inspired about your own space. 

Victrola Credits metcalf7403
Victrola - credits: metcalf7403
Audio Technica
Audio Technica Credits: vLtgb
Pro-Ject - credits: P.S
1 By One
1 By One Credits: Amazon Kunde
1 By One - credits: Amazon Kunde
LAUSON Credits: Jessica
Lauson - credits: Jessica
LAUSON Credits: Rosa
Lauson - credits: Rosa

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Audio Technica

1 By One